About Bunk Beds

When a couple has 2 or more children, or if there are guests for a certain span of time at one’s house, people starts thinking about making adequate accommodation. Especially, in order to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, they might consider bunk beds. At times, making arrangements for a separate bedroom or a bed becomes inconvenient.

Bunk beds are popular among parents with more than children, especially of the same Leather bedgender. These beds are quite cost efficient and also saves space. They can be made of various materials like metal, wood, leather beds etc. Wooden framed beds last longer, so they can be suitable for a grown up adult as well. However, metal framed beds look much stylish, graceful and sleek.

It is said that these were similar to some furniture used by Egyptians in the ancient past. In present times, the beds are available in variety of shapes, colors, designs. In the past, there used to be two boxes of the same size and shape, placed one top of the other, giving it the name of bunk beds. Some of the different kinds are :

Twin over twin : these are also known as standard or single bunk bed and is the most common design. According to the name, to beds of the same size and shape are perched one on top of the other. These are mostly found in bedroom of kids.

Twin over full : on top of a full size bed, a twin sized bed is placed. The lower bunk can be used by the elder child whereas the upper bunk can be dedicated to the sibling. At times, parents like to sleep with their kids, so they can always find place for themselves in the lower bunk.

Full over full : two full sized beds placed one on top of the other. These beds can be really helpful when guests come over to stay for some time.

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